Our wedding day, the dinner

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We arranged to have one large table. There was no assigned seating so people wandered around the table a bit before settling in. With everyone settled in place we had one more official business item to take care of.

We needed two witnesses to sign our marriage license. Rather than pick two people out of our group we left the choice to a roll of the dice. In this case it was a twenty sided die, from Jason's old Dungeons and Dragons game. We passed out raffle tickets to those present and rolled the die twice.

dinner.jpgThe lucky winners were Sue and Steve. Sue will be marrying Sheri's brother in 2008. Steve, from Scotland, is married to Shelia, one of Jason's oldest friends. They went over and signed the official document and we sat down for drinks and appetizers.

Before dinner was served we gave our speech followed by Jason's mom giving a speech. Her speech was so good that it intimidated everyone else from standing up and giving their speeches. So we proceeded with dinner.

The food and drink was very good. Everyone had their fill and loosened up enough that more speeches came out. Misa started off followed by Shelia, Steve, Susan, Sharon, David, Jason's dad, and finally Harvey. All were well spoken, heartfelt, and touched us.

Thank you everyone.

After dinner everyone scrambled to grab a cab ride. Some of us made plans to meet up on the bar at top floor of the La Quinta. There is a bar up there with views of the Empire State building. Sheri changed out of her wedding dress but Jason wanted to get his money's worth out of the suit. Plus it looked good on him anyway.

The evening finally wound down a little after 1am.

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