Our wedding day, we get married

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After sitting on a bench for 30 minutes (and spying across the lake on our guests), we were plenty ready to move.

We walked over to the ceremony spot, Hernshead. Along the way we bumped into Ruche and Slavek. They had become turned around and were walking off to somebody else's wedding. It's a good thing we found them. We turned them around and continued to the spot.

Outside the spot we met Brian to pass the bouquet to Sheri and take her purse. We waited while he walked back to the ceremony spot. After a few minutes we headed in.

It all was a blur.


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We walked up and were applauded. Brian began the ceremony after we adjusted our spot to get out of the sun. Boaters paddled around behind us. It all went by so quickly.

After the ceremony we gathered for photos. You'll see lots of them in our photo album. Then we got everyone together for our own mini-procession to the subway. Some guests had to find a bathroom so we stopped at the American Museum of Natural History.

Our procession made it into the subway and through the turnstyle in an orderly fashion. We all descended into the bowels of NYC to get our train downtown. It was pretty hot in the tunnel. The train was a relief. By the time the train stopped we had all cooled down but the long walk out of the subway station got us all warmed up again.

We arrived at the restaurant, Jane on Houston St., on time. It was a relief to get off our feet for a while.

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