The day after

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Almost everyone who stayed overnight in the city met up for breakfast the next morning.

This time our procession was smaller and we made the trip to Friend of a Farmer (just south of Gramercy Park) on foot.

We packed around the table. It is a quaint place that looked like a country lodge. Seems a little out of place in the city. The food was good and everyone had a good time.

By the time we all got back to the hotel the Polish Parade was getting under way and the street in front of our hotel. The street had been shut down and made Jason worry about how to get the car. Fortunately the hotel was very accommodating and directed the garage where to meet us with the car.

Everyone else made it back to their cars too. Jason's dad, stepmother, mom, stepfather, and uncle all met back at our house. Some of them had never seen our home. We gave a tour and hung out on the porch. The weather was still warm and we were able to relax.

Jason's dad and stepmother were staying the night so we all went out to dinner in New Haven.

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